IOSH Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers (SHE)

Duration: 4 days 

Course Details:

Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers (IOSH) training course gives staff at management and supervisor level the knowledge to fulfil their responsibilities in handling resources and risk. Participants will be awarded an internationally recognised “Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers (IOSH)” certificate of training upon successful completion of the course. Client premises OR Ayrton Training Centres in Dublin & Cork- private course booking only

Course Overview

The IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers course is a step by step programme of practical and engaging guidance with a sharp business focus. The course takes place over four days to develop each delegate’s understanding of legal, moral and social duties of sector supervisors, managers, directors and business owners.

Course Content:

• Safety management
• Active and reactive monitoring
• Risk assessment and risk control
• Reviews and auditing
• Health and Safety legislation
• Hazards: general and organisation specific.

This is a practical programme which is full of step-by-step guidance, which is delivered in a highly innovative format, with content that engages and inspires candidates – critical to getting essential health and safety messages across.

Who’s it for:
This course is for employers, managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation. It is for anyone who oversees or manages safety, health and environmental risks associated with construction activities.
Course Aim
The IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers course will provide delegates with the information they need to know about managing a workplace safely and tackle the health, safety and environmental issues they may be responsible for. It’s designed to get them up to speed on the practical actions they need to take to handle health and safety in their teams and meet their statutory duties. Most importantly, it reinforces just why Safety, Health and Environment is such an essential part of their job.
Course Objectives
The course covers safety and risk management in the workplace and provides candidates with guidance on how to control the workforce in accordance with current health and safety regulations and best practice.
Course Requirements
Good understanding of English

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Eligibility: CitA Skillnet Training Network is open to Private Companies and Sole Traders in the Construction Sector and registered in the Republic of Ireland.

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