Duration: 2 Days

Course Delivery:

This is a virtual classroom in which participants will require access to a webcam and microphone for live sessions with the trainer throughout the day. Participants will receive a login code via email. The course will be delivered between 9:30 and 16:30 with running order and break times outlined in advance.

As with the traditional classroom delivery of our courses, class sizes are limited to allow opportunity for all delegates to participate.

Course Overview:

Management is likely to play an increasingly important role in the life of an engineer as he/she progresses in their organisation and career. A range of recent studies on essential skills for 21st century workplaces indicate that technical expertise alone is no longer sufficient to meet individual, team, or organisation objectives.

Taking on new managerial responsibilities brings new challenges and demands. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, knowing your business and industry, knowing how to communicate, knowing how to manage and motivate people to deliver their best as individuals and as teams are the essential characteristics of today’s high-performance engineering manager.

The aim of this two-day interactive workshop is to enable engineers with managerial responsibilities to develop the essential characteristics necessary to operate in an effective, impactful, and creative manner in their role.

Course Structure:

This course will comprise two days of interactive workshops, complemented by pre-session reading and preparation. These days will be held a week apart, to ensure delegates have adequate reflection time and time to prepare in between. Delegates will have the opportunity to complete Learning Contracts after the course is complete in order to gain extra CPD credit.

Course Programme:

Day 1 – Managing Yourself:

Understanding your role as manager underpins all other management functions. This session will look at raising self-awareness and will give delegates an insight into their own personalities and style of management. This session will also look at role expectations, along with managing stress and building resilience.

Managing how you communicate with team members is vital. Delegates will learn communication techniques, focusing on barriers and common pitfalls in communication and how to communicate with clarity and conciseness.

Day 2 – Managing Your Team:

Managing your team is more than just managing the workflow, it is about managing people. It is about understanding your team and their personalities to ensure that you can manage and motivate effectively and deliver results for the organisation. This session will look at developing the right culture in your team and creating a strong team dynamic, where trust is established, and everyone is comfortable to challenge for continuous improvement.

Setting clear expectations, monitoring effectiveness, delivering feedback, and developing talent are key skills for managers. This session will introduce the fundamentals and latest thinking in managing performance and developing your staff. There will be a strong emphasis on practical tips and practice in having meaningful 1:1 conversation on performance, development and expected behaviours.

Learning Outcome:

Participants will be able to harness their management competencies to best meet their individual, team and organisation’s objectives and succeed as managers.

Who should attend:

This programme will benefit any engineer in a management position and particularly those who have taken on new managerial responsibilities or are in line to do so.


CPD Award Hours: 12


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