CitA Skillnet – Privacy Statement

CitA Skillnet training programmes are funded by Skillnet Ireland from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills (DES).

CitA Skillnet will comply with all applicable data protection legislation in respect of the information and personal data provided by you when completing the CitA Skillnet’s form. You have the right of access to the data by means of a written request and you can request CitA Skillnet to correct any inaccuracies in the data. Skillnet Ireland periodically conducts surveys to evaluate the quality and impact of the programmes delivered by its training networks. As a result, you may be contacted in future and asked to participate in such a survey.

The data in the CitA Skillnet’s form provided by you will be shared with Skillnet Ireland and the Department of Education and Skills for statistical information purposes to help inform national policy in relation to skills. Only aggregated and statistical data will be reported to the DES.

For further information, please see CitA Ltd and Skillnet Ireland Privacy Statement.