Case Studies

Case Studies from CitA Events

State of Readiness for a BIM Mandate: Survey

BIM State of Rediness Survey – Dr Barry McAuley, Dr Alan V. Hore and Prof Roger P. West

May 10th 2020

The role of digital in Facilitating the Offsite Process

April 22nd 2020

The Power of Modular as a Catalyst for Change

March 10th 2020

Modern Methods of Construction: Case Study 2

February 4th 2020

Modern Methods of Construction 

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October 10th 2019

Digital Twins

May 2nd 2019

Construction Industry’s Shortage of Skills and Talent Gap Case Study

April 3rd 2019

Immersive Technologies on the Construction Site

March 21st 2019

The McAvoy Group: Smart Offsite Construction Through BIM

February 20th 2019

Site Photography Innovation and Compliance

January 30th 2019

Bergen Light Rail CitA Event January 2019





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