The Construction IT Alliance (CitA ) is currently recruiting for an exciting position. Please click the boxes below to find out more and apply today

CitA has been bringing Irish Construction together since 1999 by harnessing the potential of Information Communications Technology in the Irish Construction Industry

Our mission: To actively encourage the Irish construction sector to take fully advantage of emerging information and communication technologies

Our core values:
1 We understand how to attract a broad range of multi-disciplinary members who value our offering.
2 We ensure that our members are connected to the innovative use of digital work practices.
3 We help businesses of all sizes identify and develop the digital skills they need to succeed.
4 We seek to promote a collaborative culture across the Irish construction industry for mutual benefit across relevant stakeholders and compatible communities.

CitA transmits the latest information on technology trends through monthly events and annual conferences with experts in key areas whilst providing networking opportunities with peers.

CitA is currently recruiting for one position

  • Project Manager to work 3 days week as the PMO lead on the Build Digital Project



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