IES Core Virtual Environment (VE) and New Part L Ireland 2017


IES Virtual Environment (VE) is a powerful Building Performance Analysis MDodelling product that is used to by building designers to predict the effect of the building on the environment and occupant health and wellbeing. The VE software  allows you to create a 3D integrated data model. Data is easily input into the integrated data model in order to run a wide range of calculations. The calculation engines used in the software are powerful simulations which predict how the building will perform in reality when in operation.


Course Outline:

This VE Core application course will focus on the applications of the software which allow the creation of the 3D integrated data model of the building, populate the model with data which allows heating and cooling loads calculations as well as annual energy consumption and carbon emissions. There will also be a focus on applications that enable low carbon strategies be utilised effectively such as natural ventilation.  The course will offer valuable and effective training in an interactive ‘hands-on’ format and is suitable for those who have little or no experience with the VE. You can attend the full course or if you’ve already been trained in some of the modules you can select which day(s) you wish to attend. This course is certified for 6 hours of CPD per day.


Course Format:

Day 1 – 3D Model Creation and Solar Shading Analysis

ModelIT – 3D Model Creation
SunCast – Solar Shading Analysis


Day 2 Dynamic Thermal Simulation, Heating and Cooling Loads calculations and Bulk Airflow Analysis (Natural Ventilation).

ApacheSim – Dynamic Thermal Simulation
CIBSE Loads – Heating and Cooling Loads (sizing)
MacroFlo – Bulk Airflow Analysis


Day 3 IES Building Energy Ratings (BERs) Assessor

This training allows for the easy creation of non-domestic Building Energy Ratings (BERs), as well as compliance with Part L. It offers a unique 3D graphical interface to the SBEMie engine which has been adapted within the framework of NZEB for use in the Republic of Ireland. This training course will teach participants how this tool can be fully employed.

  • Learn how to use this new tool to prepare building and system data and to perform Part L (Republic of Ireland) compliance checks for non-dwellings using the NZEB method.
  • Know how to generate a Building Energy Rating (BER) for the building using the NZEB method.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those involved in the building design process. To best utilise the Virtual Environment software, it is recommended to engage with the software and start generating powerful feedback on design strategies early in the design process. Primarily used by design engineers and architects, to quantify the impact of key design decisions on the performance of the building in terms of its impact on the health and wellbeing of the occupants as well as the impact on the environment.


Trainees attending Day 2 only, must first have had training in (or be competent in) ModelIT.

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