Course Duration: 2 Days 


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an approach to the entire building life cycle. Revit is a powerful BIM program that supports the ability to coordinate, update, and share design data with team members throughout the design, construction, and management phases of a building’s life.


This course is run over a two day period and is intended to cover the BIM Standards that we use as well as setting up your project templates/settings etc. and also some more advanced features of Revit such as Design Options, Phasing and Work-sharing. We use two books BIM Management & Collaboration Tools.

-Introduction to BIM Seminar on PowerPoint
-Preparing Project Templates
-Customizing Annotation Styles
-Creating Title Blocks
-View Templates
-Settings for Mechanical and Electrical Projects
-Settings for Structural Projects
-Creating Schedules
-Modifying Schedules
-Graphical Column Schedules
-Advanced Schedule Options
-Creating Material Takeoff Schedules
-Creating Object Style
-Creating Fill Patterns
-Creating Materials
-Basic User Interface Customization
-Design Review (Word)
-Project Phaseing
-Design Phaseing
-Working with Groups
-Linking Models
-Views and Linked Models
-Linked Model Conversion
-Copy and Monitoring Elements
-Importing and Linking Vector Files
-Modifying Imported Files
-Importing Raster Image Files
-Exporting Files
-Exporting for Energy Analysis
-Introduction to Worksets
-Opening and Saving Workset-Related Projects
-Working in Workset-Related Projects
-Visibility in Display Options with Worksharing
-Worksharing and Linked Models
-Setting Up Worksets
-Best Practice for Worksets
-Exam Objectives


Who Should Attend? 

Professionals involved or interested in BIM in relation to Construction or Model Management or those responsible for Informational delivery on Projects. Those with good Revit fundamentals and or completed Revit Essentials training.



Students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of Revit as taught in the Essentials Revit course. Knowledge of basic techniques is assumed, such as creating walls, roofs, and other objects, copying and moving objects, and creating and working with views, etc.


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