Duration: 3 Days – 3 hours

Course Overview: The purpose of this training programme is to enable users who have worked with Revit to expand their knowledge in the real-time rendering software application such as Enscape. The trainee’s will be shown the principal of the Enscape tools and testing their knowledge by completing training exercises.

Recommended experience level: The user should be comfortable with the fundamentals of Revit software, as taught in the various ArcDox Revit Essential training programmes. Knowledge of basic techniques is assumed, such creating walls, roofs, and other objects; copying and moving objects; creating and working with views etc.

Modality: 3 Day course (1hr/day) delivered online using Microsoft Teams. (Free Microsoft Teams or Office 365 Account Required)

Material Training: eBook and Revit files are provided by us.

Course/Module Breakdown:

Day 1 – Enscape in a Nutshell/Project Navigation/View creation

Day 2 – Upload material and simplified asset/multi-asset placement/Rendering images

Day 3 – Release Panorama and Video/ Collaborative Annotations Any other information:

It is highly recommended to install the latest Enscape version to be able to follow each part of the above course.

Book your place today:  Daria Choromanska [email protected] –  [email protected] or Phone: 086 014 4853

Eligibility: CitA Skillnet Training Network is open to Private Companies and Sole Traders in the Construction Sector and registered in the Republic of Ireland.

For training dates and details please see our Course Schedule


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