Course Duration: 10 Days – 10 hours

Course Overview: The course describes the differences between COBie for owners, designers, and contractors, and covers the standard, requirement, its commentary, guide, and testing (verification and validation) procedures. Therefore, the course is applicable to all disciplines in Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire, Security, Building Controls, etc.

Recommended experience level: No previous experience required, but being proficient with Revit is highly recommended.

Modality: 10 Days course (10 hours), delivered online using Microsoft Teams. (Free Microsoft Teams or Office 365 Account Required)

​Material Training: eBook and Revit files are provided by us.

Course Breakdown:

Day 1 – Introduction to COBie and best practice, downloads and setup.

Day 2 – Introduction and setup of the Classification Manager. Introduction and setup of the COBie extension. Creating a contact and populating the contact Sheet.

Day 3 – Configuring the COBie extension & Populating facility and floor sheets.

Day 4 – Populating floor & spaces sheets.

Day 5 – Populating spaces.

Day 6 – Populating Zone & Type sheets.

Day 7 – Populating Type & Component sheet.

Day 8 – Populating System, Attributes & Coordinate sheets.

Day 9 – Validation. Defining deliverables. Defining COBie responsibilities.

Day 10 – Managing product data.

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Eligibility: CitA Skillnet Training Network is open to Private Companies and Sole Traders in the Construction Sector and registered in the Republic of Ireland.

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