8-Days In-House BIM Training

This programme is designed to provide 8 days of training for up to 10 people in companies, to support their BIM Implementation Programme.

The training can be provided as ½-day or full-day modules over a number of weeks, to suit the company’s time schedule.

Select any 16 modules from the following to make up the 8 days training:

Foundation Modules:

½-day Strategic Overview of BIM

½-day BIM Project Management & Working to BIM Standards (PAS1192)

½-day Using Free BIM Reviewing Tools (Design Review & A360)

½-day Introduction to Autodesk Revit as a BIM Authoring Tool (all disciplines)

For Architecture:

½-day Revit 2017 Essential Building Systems (Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs)

½-day Revit 2017 Essential Building Systems (Curtain Wall Systems, Sloped Glazing)

½-day Conceptual Design Workflows in Revit (Formit 360, Conceptual Mass Building Maker Tools, Quick Layouts, Design Options, Site Typography)

½-day Revit Architecture 2017, Essentials Component Families (Doors, Windows, Furniture, Basic family editing etc.)

½-day Revit Architecture 2017 Advanced Component Families,

For Building Services Engineering:

½-day Intro to Revit MEP 2017, Essentials Building Systems (Building Elements, Equipment, Fittings)

½-day Revit MEP 2017, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Revit Systems

½-day Revit MEP 2017 Advanced Revit Component Families

For Structural Engineering:

½-day Intro to Revit Structure 2017, Essentials Revit Systems (Walls, Slabs, Roofs)

½-day Revit Structural 2017 Essential Systems Families (Foundation, Beams, Trusses etc)

½-day Revit Structural 2017, Advanced Component Families

All Disciplines:

½–day Revit 2017, Stairs, Ramps & Railings

½-day Formatting Schedules, Area Plans & Colour Fill Plans

½-day Revit Project Set-up/Management (Template, Worksets, Shared Coordinates, Linking files, Copy/monitor, Interference Check, Phasing, Design Options)

½-day Approach to Detailing in Revit 2017

½-day Formatting Drawings in Revit 2017 (Materials, Objects Styles, Visibility Graphics, View Templates, tags/Shared parameters, etc.)

½-day Output from Revit (revisions, printing, exporting/importing, data connections, workflows with BS1192 CDE, etc.

BIM Coordination:

½-day Understanding Navisworks, Interface Review & Redline

½-day Understanding Navisworks, Selection Sets, Clash Detection

½-day Understanding Navisworks, TimeLiner

½-day Understanding Navisworks, Quantity Take-off

½ -day Naviswork Animation & Presentation

Other Modules:

½-day Introduction to Dynamo (Visual Programming)

½-day Linking Revit Projects to 3D Max for high quality visualisation.

Introduction to 3DS Max, Units Set Up, Navigating the Viewport, Linking Revit Project to 3D Max

½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Glue

½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Field

½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Point Layout

½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Plan

½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Building Ops

½-day Autodesk Recap (working with Point Clouds)

½-day Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials

½-day An Overview of Autodesk InfraWorks 360


Companies need to provide the space and hardware/software for training.


Get in touch to find out more: Daria Choromanska – [email protected] – 086 0144853

For training dates and details please see our Course Schedule


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