Instrumentation and Calibration – An Introduction

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Description

Gain an improved understanding of the installation, configuration, calibration and maintenance of measurement and control systems as used for troubleshooting, process measurements and process control.


  • Make accuracy statements for various types of measurements. Differentiate between digital and analogue measurements and describe the advantages of each.
  • Recognise the importance of pneumatic equipment. Definte pressure and understand the operation of pressure transducers.
  • How pressure transducers can measure level and flow. Describe the operation of various devices used to measure both level and flow.
  • Know how to make temperature measurements using both thermocouples and resistive temperature devices.
  • Understand how instruments are used for process control.

Course Overview

Health & Safety


Units & Standards

Final Control Elements

Process Control Methods

Control Valves

Instrument Configuration and Diagnostics Systems

Control Centres


Alarms and Trips

Types of Instruments

Who Should Attend:

Those of you who wish to understand how accurate measurement and control of process parameters are achieved to ensure high quality products are produced safely and efficiently

Certificate of Achievement plus 7 CPD Hours.

Minimum 6 people.


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