BIM – Information Management Professional IM Bootcamp Programme (Operam Academy)

Has your team got what it takes?

If your team is responsible for the development, implementation, or support of your company’s approach to managing digital information or BIM – at a corporate or project level – then the IM Bootcamp programme is for you.

Developed and delivered by Paul Shillcock, a leading authority on information management and author of ISO 19650-2. The IM Bootcamp programme blends over 60 hours of self-led and guided learning over four stages – including 6 x 4hr group sessions with Paul.

By learning together your team will acquire a shared understanding, valuable knowledge and increased confidence. During each stage, delegates also produce a range of outputs, including presentations, lessons, and case studies. Each of which will have been thoroughly evaluated during the programme. These are owned by you and can be reused by the team or wider business.

70% of delegates say the IM Bootcamp programme exceeded their expectations.

STAGE 1 / ISO 19650 Curriculum 

Approximately 10 hours per delegate

To start the programme, each delegate completes a selection of self-led courses within the ISO 19650 curriculum (Information Management Practitioner programme). This ensures that everyone who attends the IM Bootcamp (Stage 3) have an equal level of understanding of the ISO 19650 series and the associated information management activities.

STAGE 2 / Preparation 

Approximately 8 hours per delegate

Delegates work in pairs to prepare two sessions. A 15 minute presentation on the value of managing information effectively and a 20 min lesson relating to the information management process. Each pairing will deliver the sessions during Stage 3. After which, they will receive constructive feedback from their peers and the instructor.

STAGE 3 / IM Bootcamp 

Approximately 24 hours per delegate

As a group, delegates attend six instructor-led online sessions, known as the IM Bootcamp. Each session will deepen an individual’s knowledge of information management and increase their confidence in communicating effectively in a business context. Delegates will either be actively participating or actively listening so that they can learn together.

STAGE 4 / Final Project 

Approximately 18 hours per delegate

Delegates work in pairs to research and reflect upon the approach taken to managing information on one of the company’s completed appointments. Upon completion, a report on the findings is produced and evaluated by Operam. The report can then be used as case studies, and lessons learnt for future appointments.

What will your team get out of it?  

If they commit to completing the tasks and actively participate in the activities, they will:

· deepen their knowledge of information management within a business context;

· become more effective in communicating with a wide variety of stakeholders;

· gain increased confidence in presenting technical information;

· become more aware of the risks and impact of not managing information effectively; and

· become more effective in dealing with negativity and resistance to change.

In short, the more they put into the programme, the more they will get out of it!


Upon completion of all the programme stages, each delegate will earn a digital credential as an Information Management Professional, which you can share with your employer, clients, and professional network.

Delegates and Pricing

The IM Bootcamp programme is ideally suited to teams of ten but can work with smaller teams if required. This allows plenty of opportunity for everyone to actively participate in the activities. Whilst providing ample opportunity to share knowledge and learn as a team.

You can purchase an IM Bootcamp from CitA Skillnet for the discounted price of €8749.30 for up to ten delegates.

This price includes a TEAM 10 licence which gives delegates 12 months access to all current and future learning material on the Operam Academy learning platform and certification for each delegate at no extra cost.

For more information on the IM Bootcamp programme, please visit the Operam Academy website or download the IM Bootcamp Brochure (PDF)


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