Duration: 1 Day  Location: Dublin 11


The Fire Alarm Servicing Training course is aimed at those who wish to perform quarterly inspections, maintain fire alarm systems and use best-in-class documentation to ensure traceability. It will enable learners to maintain and functionally test conventional and addressable fire alarm systems according to I.S. 3218:2013.

Who should attend
Electrical Contractors, Property Maintenance Contractors, In-house maintenance staff managing large industrial units and multiple sites.

Why should I attend:
Specialist Fire Alarm companies should be contracted to perform detailed Commissioning compliance testing but equipment functional testing is a far less complex task that does not require such a high degree of specialist knowledge. This course will enable you to demonstrate your competence in quarterly function testing of fire alarm systems and know when to call in the specialists.

Course Objectives

At the end of the Fire Alarm Servicing Training course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the aim, scope and limitations of a quarter function test. (what is/is not a quarterly function test).
  • Understand the responsibilities of the on-site responsible person.
  • Understand the principle of operation of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.
  • Perform a walk test and understand the effect of walk testing on sounders and auxiliary outputs.
  • Troubleshoot open circuit, Short circuit, head removed, earth fault on conventional system.
  • Test battery condition.
  • Use Smoke and Heat testing equipment.
  • Check that a fire alarm panel is reading correctly when detectors and call points are operated.
  • Check alarm sounders for dB level.
  • Verify alarm receiving centre link (challenges faced).
  • Perform corrective action in respect of fault indicators.
  • Keep good records to ensure systematic test schedule, device tracking and fault/remedy logging.
  • React to structural or occupancy changes.
  • Logbook and Certification requirements to I.S. 3218:2013
  • Assessing the impact of modifications.
Course Modules
Section 1 / Alarm system hardware, conventional and addressable.
Section 2 / System Testing
Section 3 /Fault Indicators
Section 4 /IS3218 requirement for quarterly testing
Section 5 / Documentation: Logbook, Test certificate, Test record sheet, zone chart

Assessment and Certification

You will do a full quarterly testing and documentation simulation on the training panels and if performed competently you will receive a Technotraining Certificate of Achievement.

Book your place today:  Daria Choromanska [email protected] or Phone: 086 014 4853

Eligibility: CitA Skillnet Training Network is open to Private Companies and Sole Traders in the Construction Sector and registered in the Republic of Ireland.

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