BRE offers three different routes to BIM ISO 19650 Certification for Individuals:

ISO 19650 Task Information Management (TIM) and Project Information Management (PIM) Practitioner Certification routes

This certification is suitable for those wishing to demonstrate their application of the relevant process and procedures on live projects. These pathways to certification are appropriate for project-based construction professionals applying an implemented BIM process undertaking a TIM and/or PIM role. During the assessment process, applicants are required to demonstrate knowledge and experience of TIM and/or PIM roles.

You can apply as both PIM and TIM if you wish. The two routes require separate assessments.

ISO 19650 BIM Informed Professional (BIP) Certification route

This certification is suitable for those wishing to demonstrate their knowledge of the BIM process. This pathway to certification is appropriate for policy makers, advisors, educationalists and construction professionals who are implementing the BIM process. Supporting evidence of working on an implemented BIM process is not an assessment requirement but can be beneficial to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding required to complete the assessment.

If you have project experience as a Task Information Manager or Project Information Manager which you can use for the assessment submission, please apply as a TIM or PIM. If you do not have project experience you will need to apply as an Informed professional.

ISO 19650 Training Requirement

The first step in achieving ISO 19650 individual certification is to complete the required training courses.

The BRE Academy offer training courses that are aligned with the ISO 19650 standard, which can be found in the links below:

Stage 1 – BIM ISO 19650 – Essentials (online or classroom).

Stage 2 – BIM ISO 19650 – Delivering Information Management (online or classroom).

The two online ISO 19650 courses are currently available as a cheaper bundle here.

Completion of both of the above training courses is required in order to apply for the certification. The courses are charged separately to the certification.

Application Stage

Once you have completed the required training – if you are interested in applying for the scheme, I can send you an application form to complete and return.

Once we have received your completed application, we will review the form along with any accompanying documentation. If your application and documents fulfil the scheme requirements, we will raise an invoice for your year 1 certification fees (more information on fees can be found below). Once these fees have been paid, we will then issue you with an audit request form which must be completed and returned. Once you have returned a completed copy of the audit request form, an auditor will review your submission as part of the assessment process.

Assessment Process

The assessment process requires you to complete the audit request form, which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of PIM and/or TIM roles. If applying as a PIM and/or TIM, you must also provide supporting project-based evidence to support this. For the informed professional route, the supporting project-based evidence aspect is not required.

The information that you provide in your audit request form will be the entire basis of your audit. It is done as a written process so that you can demonstrate your own knowledge, understanding and experience. You will also be able to include additional evidence within the assessment for to support the written statements provided, such as screen shots for example.

Once completed, the form is then assessed by one of our auditors. Once the audit has been completed, you will be provided with the auditor’s report and if any non-conformities are raised, you will have the opportunity to make one free re-submission to address them. You can make additional re-submissions if there are further non-conformities, but these will require payment of additional assessment fees prior to assessment.

If your audit is successful, then certification will be granted. A digital certificate will be issued to you, you will be listed on our website (optional) and you will also have use of the BRE Global certification mark.

The whole process is completely remotely, there is no on-site audit or interview required.


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