Course Content

Modules Covered;

  • Introduction to Construction Informatics
  • CAD information Systems
  • eBusiness in Construction
  • Applied Knowledge Management
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Building Collaborative Technologies
  • Mobile Computing in Construction
  • Energy Integrated ICT Applications
  • Research Studies
  • Integrated Master Project
  • Dissertation.

Structure of Modules

All candidates will need to complete the following obligatory modules.

  • Introduction to Construction Informatics (5 ECTS)_
  • Research Studies (10 ECTS)
  • Integrated Project (15 ECTS)
  • Dissertation (30 ECTS).

The remaining 8 modules are elective comprising basic modules and extended project modules. Students have the choice to select 6 additional modules from the suite of modules on offer. Extended project modules can only be chosen after the relevant basic module has been completed. Students can gather 15 ECTS credits in semesters 1-4 and 30 ECTS credits in semester 5, which equates to a total of 90 credits in the 5 semesters of the part time programme and a total of 30 credits per semester, which equates to 90 credits in the 3 semesters of the full time programme.


The programme is assessed 100% by project assessments only.  The assessment methodology will be closely aligned to the learning outcomes of the modules.

Timetable / Hours

A typical 5 credit module would equate to 120 hours of learning. Each 5 credit module is delivered over a 5 week block, with online lecturers and tutorials taking place on two evenings a week, typically between 19.30-21.30.


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