Work Package 4: Dissemination of Findings

Description of Package

This work package is the concluding component of the BICP, where the findings from the preceding work packages will be disseminated.

Work Package Objectives
  1. To deliver six (6) high quality bi-monthly provincial events that provide a flavour of the literature, consultation data and analysis gathered on the BICP.
  2. Disseminate conclusions to Irish industry through an Annual Conference that will seek to promote BIM Capability in the Irish AEC sector.
  3. Disseminate twelve (12) comprehensive case studies detailing best practice effecting of BIM on Irish projects (or Irish practitioners operating in international markets).
  4. Deliver a working paper to Enterprise Ireland and the National BIM Council

CitA propose to breakdown this work package into 4 separate components.

WP4A – Bi-Monthly Events

WP4B – Annual Conference

WP4C – Case Studies

WP4D – Working Paper


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