CitA Technology Trend Webinar – March 2021

Aistriú: Introducing lifecycle and whole life carbon thinking
March 5, 2021
Aistriú: Exploring how industry and higher education are working together to transition towards a Circular Built Environment
April 16, 2021
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CitA Technology Trend Webinar – March 2021


Presentation Titles and Slides

Milan Parmar, Senior Consultant, RIB-Software

5D BIM Design Evolution: How to Deal with Changes, Revisions and Scope Creep

Conor McGinn, Director, Delap & Waller

Cal McGarvey, BIM Manager, Delap & Waller

BIM Collaboration from a Building Services Perspective

Davitt Lamon, Associate/BIM Manager, C+W O’Brien Architects

First Look at the Irish National Annex to ISO 19650-2:2018

Ross Griffin, Founder, KOSMOS 

Elia González, Co-Founder/Commercial Manger, KOSMOS

BIM: an integrated collaborative delivery

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