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Hereworks is an award-winning company that provides Audio Visual Systems Integration and Smart Building solutions, including Master Systems Integration and Hereworks Happy™.

Whether a complete digital transformation or an update to existing systems, Hereworks designs, installs, and implements digital infrastructures to meet their client’s unique requirements to connect and inspire their people.

To enable a flexible and accessible environment, Hereworks offers support with a 24-hour helpdesk, remote access, mobile service technicians, or on-site full-time maintenance teams.

Hereworks draws on the experience of their people, as well as over 70 years of project management experience, to provide the best solutions.

Stephen Lyons

3 May, 2023


20 October, 2022


28 January, 2022


15 December, 2021

Cpac Modular

23 June, 2021

MHT Lighting

1 April, 2021


25 March, 2021

Tantek 4D

4 July, 2017

Invicara Limited

4 July, 2017



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