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MHT Lighting — the American software development and lighting services company — has opened a dedicated Dublin office to spearhead its introduction to the Irish and European markets. It is a pure PoE (Power over Ethernet) provider of lighting management solutions, interfaced with technical building systems (TBS).

The MHT software platform inspeXtor® provides total “smart building readiness” of energy, environmental and social management for all buildings. This is essential in today’s marketplace given advancements in LED lumen/w performance and tunability, lighting point density throughout buildings, sensor capability of transferring critical building data parameters (i.e. temperature, humidity, occupancy, daylighting harvesting and asset tracking), along with advanced AI capability.

Lighting/sensor PoE across Cat 6, exactly as per VOIP, security camera and employee scanning networks, becomes the backbone of the building infrastructure and provides immeasurable analytics to energy managers, facility managers, space managers, real estate and owners. The PoE switch provides DC power and data communications throughout the lighting/sensor network, allowing fine tuning of energy use, vacant space usage, use of available daylight and local temperature and humidity linked to IEQ (indoor air quality).

Client-specific policies and optimum efficiency settings are set in the InspeXtor and, through interfacing with the building management system (BMS), the readiness of the building is now visible for renewable sources, e.g. solar PV, EV battery storage, and future smart grid connectivity. InspeXtor’s user-friendly dashboard provides ongoing monitoring and reporting on the journey to self-generating and becoming a prosumer to the smart grid. The PoE system is luminaire agnostic, LED drivers are not required and, with minor customisation, all luminaire manufacturers can deliver PoE-enabled systems to their clients.

At the electrical/mechanical/data infrastructure level, PoE comparative costs of materials and labour are put at cost neutral with traditional infrastructure, with reduced GWP reduction on cabling & containment apart from the value of the analytics from optimising the overall operation of the services throughout the building.

“The integration of building services, along with software systems to facilitate and manage this process, is essential to future-proof buildings”, says David Tennyson, Managing Director Europe, MHT Lighting Dublin. “It is also an essential requirement if we are to achieve the objectives of the EU’s Renovation Wave and Green Deal initiatives.

“Our InspeXtor software platform does exactly that. The automation that comes from integrating all of the building’s systems makes management of the facility far more effective and efficient. Some of the systems that can be incorporated include temperature, lighting, heating/cooling, blinds, keycards, etc.

“In addition, advanced reporting give managers insight into space utilisation and peak occupancy over the course of a day, week, month or year. This is really future-proofing the building in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability”.

MHT Lighting Ireland.


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