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Symetri is now the world’s largest Autodesk Partner with over 35 Offices in Ireland, UK, Northern Europe and the USA. With over 750 employees and revenues exceeding €300M annually, we service over 200,000 Daily users. Symetri have a proven track record of success with both local and global customers. Established over 20 years ago, Procad became Ireland’s FIRST SPECIALISED Autodesk Manufacturing and ArchitectureEngineering and Construction (AEC) Platinum Partner.

Acquired by Symetri in June 2021, Procad was officially renamed to “Symetri” on July 4th 2022. Collectively, we are better positioned to support and implement Autodesk Design & Management solutions for companies right across Ireland and beyond.

Symetri offer specialist advice, consultancy, training and support in many areas, from 3D modeling and simulation to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and BIM (Building Information Modeling). Our techncial team have many years’ experience across the construction and manufacturing sectors. Relationship building is at the core of what we do and we challenge our customers to push the boundaries of design every day. Together we will achieve more.

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