Everest Limited, an emerging design and technology practice dedicated to leveraging technology and construction expertise to deliver best-in-class Design, Engineering support and specialist BIM services that are aimed to optimizing project budgets and timelines.

As a technology-driven company, we combine construction data and extensive building design knowledge to enhance virtual design and construction, offering precise and actionable insights. Clients trust our BIM solutions to integrate cutting-edge technologies and streamline workflows, from concept design to Digital Twin deployment.

Based in Meath, Ireland, and with thriving project delivery centers in India, our skilled AEC professionals serve diverse sectors. We’ve expanded rapidly, collaborating with prominent names in the design & construction industry across the UK, Ireland, Europe, and North America.

Everest is your ideal partner for achieving current and future business objectives in the evolving design and construction landscape, delivering unmatched quality and client satisfaction.

James Brophy

17 November, 2023


19 May, 2023

CField Construction

21 April, 2023

Hayes Higgins Partnership

20 April, 2023

PUNCH Consulting Engineers

23 March, 2023

Crown Roofing and Cladding

11 May, 2022

STS Group

9 January, 2018


6 July, 2017

Winthrop Engineering & Contracting Ltd

6 July, 2017

Varming Consulting Engineers

5 July, 2017


5 July, 2017

T.J. O’Connor & Associates Consulting Engineers

5 July, 2017

MPA Consulting Engineers


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