CitA TECH LIVE 2022 Conference

Join CitA, Ireland’s premier multidisciplinary construction network on the 15th, 16th & 17th of June

when CitA will once again Connect You to Innovation.

CitA’s 3rd TECH LIVE conference will be a three-day event (June 15th-17th) focusing on the key challenges in construction and how the construction industry must change by embracing new ways of working. Attendees of this conference will gain insight from home and abroad to become a better, faster, more attractive and greener industry.

The event will be an open invitation for industry, academia, government, and IT vendors to submit presentation proposals on addressing one or more of the top 10 challenges facing the construction industry in 2022

This exciting conference will take place online on June 15th , 16th &

in person on June 17th at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.

Click the images below to find out more:






We are looking forward to meeting our friends and

supporters in-person on the 17th June.



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