23/06/16 – Building a Competitive Edge Through Technology and People – June 15th Event

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May 27, 2016
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August 8, 2016
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23/06/16 – Building a Competitive Edge Through Technology and People – June 15th Event


June 15th saw the 4th of our Smarter Cooperative Building Series events with speakers various disciplines giving their perspective on BIM in practice, expectations on what new technology can achieve and allow, and construction processes. This event was entitled;

Building a Competitive Edge Through Technology and People


The event was opened by Michael Stone, President of the Construction Industry Federation who spoke about the exciting new challenges and opportunities that developing technologies are affording the construction industry. Mr. Stone focused on the need for sharing and cooperation within the construction industry as well as call for greater gender balance to ensure fulfillment of all professional potential. He concluded by encouraging all professionals on their BIM own journeys.

Event keynote Chris Edwards of tech giant Facebook then took to the podium to deliver a presentation giving vital insight from the perspective of owners into the possibilities which BIM allow. He stressed the importance of not only always keeping the owners best interests at heart but also the need to constantly show this motivation to owners and as such to fully showcase the potential of BIM and ICT technologies to them.

Further presentations from Joe Mady of Designer Group focused on the need for training to take place at all levels of industry and for professionals to actively work against complacency and comfort (especially on site!)

Malachy Matthews and Joseph Little highlighted the need  for further education in BIM technologies and noted the availability of such courses with DIT (did we mention our own MSc in Construction Informatics!?!) as well noting that disruption often leads to innovation.

Ciaran McManus from Mercury Engineering rounded out the presentations by laying out the process details of BIM within the build and noted how new technology was now pervasive in all elements of the process.

With excellent chairing from Sean Downey of the Construction Industry Federation the presentations informed a lively and engaged questions and answers session which ranged in topic from whether or not BIM implementation should be legislatively mandated or led by competition in industry as well as the need to recognise all industry professionals under a cohesive banner differentiated only by their individual skill sets.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended for such a great event. Of course special mention has to go to all of our presenters Chris Edwards, Joe Mady, Joseph Little and Malachy Matthews, and Ciaran McManus and Sean Downey for his excellent chairing.

Dr. Alan Hore concluded with his thanks and appreciation to all involved and announced the date of the CitA Summer Drinks (taking place in Odessa on the 6th of July) which we will hopefully see you at!


From left to Right – Joseph Little (DIT), Malachy Mathews (DIT), Ciaran McManus (Mercury Engineering), Joe Mady (Designer Group), Chris Edwards (Facebook), Sean Downey (CIF), Dr. Alan Hore (CitA)