Revit Family Creation


Families are an integral part of working in Revit Architecture, and key to creating custom content. In this course, you learn, how to use families in your projects, concepts of parametric design and family creation, best practices to use when creating your own families.To better help you understand how to work with families, this course contains conceptual explanations, hands-on tutorials, and reference information.

Course Outline:

-Creating Wall, Roof, and Floor Types
-Vertically Compound Walls
-Stacked and Embedded Walls
-MEP System Families
-Introduction to Creating Families
-Creating the Parametric Framework
-Creating Family Elements
-Additional Tools for Families
-Creating Family Types
-Visibility Display Settings
-Overview of Family Creation
-Creating In-Place Families
-Creating Profiles
-Creating Annotation Families
-Working with Shared Parameters
-Creating Architectural Specific Families
-Creating Angled Cornices and Copings
-Creating Custom Railings
-Families for Railings, Balusters, and Panels
-Creating MEP Specific Families
-Creating Structural Specific Families

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