Pix4d Mapper

Pix4d Mapper – Part I

Course Duration: 1 Day


Aims and Training Objectives – at the end of this training sessions participants will be able to:
1. After completing the Photogrammetry Lesson, the Student will have a working Knowledge of Photogrammetry.
2. After completing the Fundamentals of Pix4d Software the Student will be very knowledgeable with the Pix4d Software Functions.
3. After completing the remainder of the Course, the Student will recognise the importance of having full control over their Data & have a very good working knowledge of the Pix4d Mapper Software.

The Student/company that complete Pix4d Mapper Course – Part I they will understand the importance of total control over their Drone Data & understand another part of the Drone Industry.



Course Content 

1. Introduction to Photogrammetry
2. All Functions of software Explained
3. How to Convert WGS84 to ITM
4. Processing Step 1 Initial Processing – Explained and demonstrated
5. Processing Step 2 Point Cloud & Mesh – Explained and demonstrated
6. Processing Step 3 DSM, Orthomosaic and Index – Explained and demonstrated
7. Look forward to Pix4d Mapper II – Editing, Volume Calculations, Scale Constraints and Orthomosaic editing.


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