MS Teams Webinar

Duration: 1 Hour


Teams is an online collaborative communication environment where members of an organization can have real-time conversations, share files and plan meetings through video chat.

In this webinar, we’ll start by seeing how users can organize your coworkers into teams and initiate conversations that all team members can contribute to.

We will look at video chat-based meetings, initiate an on-demand meeting and look at how to schedule a meeting for the future and invite people to attend. We’ll see how to share files and even edit certain files in collaboration with your teammates. Then we’ll use the search tool to find specific information from all of your team conversations.

If you’re about to get started with Microsoft’s collaborative communication tool for Office 365, this course will help you get running with Microsoft Teams.

Webinar Outline: 

Organising Teams and having conversations
• Creating teams and adding members
• Join an existing team
• Create and manage channels
• Work with messages
• Manage Teams, Channels and Conversations
• Use chats
Video Meetings
• On demand meetings
• Schedule a meeting
• Broadcasting options in a meeting

Sharing Files
• Finding and Share Files

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