Industrial Electrical Systems Training Course NFQ Level 6

Course Duration: 5 day

Course Description

Gain an improved understanding of the installation, configuration, calibration and maintenance of measurement and control systems as used for troubleshooting, process measurements and process control.


* Participants will have learned and understood electrical theory and principles.

* They have applied this understanding with the practical use of multimeters, tools, cables and workboards to complete progressive stages of exercises culminating in the test and operation of a direct-on-line single-phase motor installation.

* All participants have demonstrated both understanding and practical application and have successfully achieved the objectives of this course.

Course Overview

Section 1: Electricity and Electrons.

Section 2: AC and DC Voltage, RMS etc

Section 3: Magnetism, Right-hand Rule, Magnetic Field and Flux, AC Motor Operation, DOL, Star-Delta, Testing of Motors.

Section 4:  Structure of a Circuit.

Section 5: Types of Overcurrent Faults and electrical safety.

Safety features right throughout each day of course.


Electrical Drawings,Power Factor,Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) ,Electrical Panels,VSD / Inverters,Power Supply Units

The above content covers the course material to be learned / understood in order for participants to answer the exam questions.

There are 2 theoretical and 2 practical exams and each participant must keep a log book and complete/submit mini assignments and projects.

Who Should Attend:

Participants that have completed the Level ONE course  ( Days 1 & 2 ),can join Days 3, 4 & 5 to achieve QQI Certification.

Please note if you have joined the Level ONE Industrial Electrical course you only have 3 days to complete in the classroom to aim for QQI Certification.

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