Dynamo Essentials

Course Duration: 2 Days

This is an introductory course to Dynamo. The course will give the trainee the skills and knowledge to start creating their own visual programming scripts through Dynamo. Being proficient with Revit is highly recommended. The trainee will have a handout describing typically used nodes in the course.


• Become familiar with Dynamo principles
• Understand the fundamentals concepts and features of Dynamo and node programming
• Use a range of tools in Dynamo to produce varies effects
• Use tools in Dynamo to link to, and analyse, Data in Revit
• Present Information with Revit as created aor manipulated through Dynamo


Trainees should be competent Revit users. Good Parametric tools understandng an advantage. A working knowledge of Windows based operating systems is essential.

Course Content 

•Principles of working with nodes
• Interfacing
• Some of the more important basic nodes
• How to generate and work with geometry within Dynamo
• Manipulate Lists of data
Analysing geometry and data
• Work with Revit geometry and BIM information
• Excel Import & Export
• Introduction to custom nodes


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