Drone Training – EU Specific Category Theoretical Course & Flight Exam

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Content via Webinar

This course is aimed at organisations that wish to conduct Drone operations in the Specific Category.

With the Drone rules after changing since January 2021 any new Organisation who wish to add Drones to their daily workflow will need to take this course.

It is a two-day course were the Drone instructor is given the lesson through Teams, because of Covid-19 Government Guidelines.

It starts at 0930hrs until 1630hrs approx. There is a written exam of Multiply choice questions where the student must get 75% pass mark of the overall questions.

After the course the student will have to then sit a flight exam. We run two dates a month for flight exams.

The student will be offered both dates every month, until such time that suits the student to sit their flight exam.

This course is for Drone Operators/Organisations that are looking to fly inside Controlled Airspace and need to fly over and close to People, Buildings, Structures, Vehicles and Vessels in a safe Manner. They will then apply to the Irish Aviation Authority for an Operational Authorisation or an Operational Declaration so they can issue the Organisation with the required Licence.


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For training dates and details please see our Course Schedule


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