Conversion CAA to IAA Drone Course & Flight Exam

Course Duration: 1 Day


After completing the course, the student will have knowledge of any updated IAA rules and regulations about flying drones in Irish airspace.
The difference between the Civil Aviation Authority Rules under CAP 722a to Irish Aviation Authority S.I 563 of 2015.
Have a detailed knowledge of current procedures of how to apply for drone operations inside controlled/prohibited/restricted/danger airspace.
To have a complete understanding of the new EU drone Rules and Regulations.
To demonstrate the students present knowledge of how to apply for permission inside Irish Airspace and to clear up any uncertainties because of CAA differences.


Students MUST have completed a two-day Drone Ground School Course, the Students Ground School Certificate must be submitted to our admin staff prior to getting approval to attend this course.

Course Content 

  • 1. Air Law
    2. Airspace
    3. How to correctly update the Operations Manual
    4. Flight Performance and Planning
    5. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
    6. Aircraft Performance
    7. New EU Drone Rules and Regulations


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