Complete Presentation Skills

Course Duration: 2 day

Course Description

This course combines the perfect balance of theory with practical presentation techniques along with the use of MS PowerPoint over 2 days resulting in a comprehensive training course giving participants the skills required to deliver effective presentations in a clear, concise and confident manner.



  • Understand the importance of knowing your audience
  • Plan an effective presentation
  • Beginning and ending a presentation successfully
  • Be familiar with a strong presentation structure
  • Getting the audience’s attention and keeping it
  • Overcome nerves
  • Establishing audience buy-in and build your credibility
  • Spice the presentation using visuals, audience participation etc.
  • Properly using your eyes, hands, voice and stance
  • Handling Q&A
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation to enhance your presentation
  • Dos and Don’ts of PowerPoint
  • Delivering an on-screen slide show (Custom Animation etc.)

Course Overview

This course will help the participant understand presentation techniques and how to effectively use various visual aids including PowerPoint. A practical hands-on approach is taken, allowing participants to practice and deliver their presentations a number of times throughout the 2 days.  Two of these sessions will be recorded and feedback will be offered.

In addition to theory and practical presentation techniques participants will also learn to use MS PowerPoint effectively – Learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of using PowerPoint as a presentation tool ensuring that MS PowerPoint enhances and does not distract from the presentation.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who would like to deliver clear, concise and engaging presentations whilst making the most of MS PowerPoint.


Participants should have basic computer skills, e.g. should be familiar with the use of other computer applications such as MS Word. 

Please choose a topic that you would like to deliver your presentation on prior to the training course. When choosing your topic, bear in mind that initially you will build your presentation around your chosen topic and deliver it at the end of day one.  On day two, you will design a PowerPoint presentation to enhance the presentation you created on day one, and again will deliver the presentation a second time at the end of day two (this time utilising MS PowerPoint).

The duration of your presentation will be approximately 10 minutes.


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