COBie Training – Introduction to delivering COBie using Autodesk Revit (1 Day)

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange

BIM is rapidly becoming the norm for delivering construction projects through more efficient and cost effective processes. The number of projects with a BIM requirement is growing exponentially and a key deliverable on BIM projects is COBie. Everyone involved in the design, construction or operations of a building needs to have an understanding of COBie and how the requirement for COBie on your projects influence how you work.

COBie represents the digital non-graphical data that needs to be delivered on construction project using BIM (Building Information Modelling). Information that is required to populate  CMMS & CAFM systems ( computerized maintenance management system & computer-aided facilities management systems), to effectivity maintain and operate facilities.

The course is suitable for Directors and Project Leaders who want to understand the use of COBie.

Course Outline:

This course provides hands-on training in using Autodesk Revit for COBie. Trainees will gain an understanding of the principles of COBie for Design methodology, as well as hands-on experience building a Revit model in one or more discipline areas; understanding the steps required to quality check output and ultimately to be able to ensure that drawings, schedules, models and COBie in Microsoft Excel (xlsx) format, all match and can be verified. Success will be the ability to produce a COBie xlsx file from the Revit model that passes the COBie QC (quality control) report. The COBie QC report is a software based verification of the COBie MVD form IFC 2×3.

The proposed course outline is as follows:

  • Principle of COBie
  • Standards
  • Design Practice
  • Tools for COBie
  • COBie QC Checking
  • Classification Manager
  • Components Set Up
  • COBie extension
  • Managing COBie Extension
  • Drawing View
  • Optimize Workflow
  • Zone Space Naming
  • Dormitory Project Walk
  • Output XLSX
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Introduction to COBie for Construction

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