BIM ISO 19650 – Essentials


This two-day course provides an overview of information management using BIM as outlined in ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2. By doing so, this course ensures that the key considerations of effective information management have been sufficiently understood.

This course will provide an understanding of what Information Management using Building Information Modelling (BIM) is, the key terminology used when describing BIM and the key activities which form the information management function.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate information management processes using internationally native terminology
  • Explain to others the value proposition of Information Management using BIM
  • Feel confident in outlining the key elements of the ISO 19650-2 process
  • Consider the impact of how information is produced based on the project’s information standards and the project’s information production methods and procedures have been defined.
  • Identify the key stakeholders to help support tasks associated with the information management function that may be required to be undertaken.
  • Provides delegates confidence in adopting these processes within an organisation.
  • Discuss International information standards relating to openBIM and interoperability.



  • Unit 1: Assessment and Need
  • Unit 2: Planning
  • Unit 3: Procurement
  • Unit 4: Production
  • Unit 5: Information Standard
  • Unit 6: Business Systems
  • Examination
  • Unit 7: National Annex CPD (Optional)

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