BIM ISO 19650 Delivering information management (BRE)


This online course forms stage 2 of the BRE BIM Certification and is for professionals who undertake information management functions (roles or responsibilities) in accordance with the ISO 19650 standard. These can either be for or by an Appointing Party, Lead Appointed Party or Task Teams.

This course has been developed by experienced BIM experts, who have extensive working knowledge of ISO 19650 and the previous BS 1192 2007 and PAS 1192-2 standards, and regularly contribute to the UK and International BIM Standards Committees.

Led by our BIM expert tutor, on completion you’ll be equipped and ready to realise the benefits of BIM within your own organisation and to develop your career.

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

    • Define exchange information requirements
    • Recognise the open data format requirements to comply with COBie
    • Understand the production of the Employer’s information requirements (EIR)
    • Apply the process of extracting standard method procedures (SMPs) from the EIR
    • Identify methods of assessing the supply chain
    • Apply the process of authoring BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
    • Define a pre and post-appointment BEP
    • Recognise the considerations when producing information for construction scheduling (4D)
    • Recognise the process of detecting clashes and the benefits of clash avoidance

Who should attend: 

This online training course is suitable for construction and asset management professionals (including designers, constructors, project managers, asset managers, manufacturers, information managers and maintenance contractors) and you’re working towards BRE BIM Certification. It’s suitable for those implementing BIM into their organisation, their own work practices, or assisting their clients or supply chains with BIM adoption.


You must have passed the examination (online or classroom version) in our BIM Essentials (ISO 19650) training course to be able to undertake this course.

There is no pre-reading required for this training course.


This is a comprehensive classroom training course delivered in four practical units.

Unit 1 – Information requirements

  • Clear information requirements
  • Exchange information requirements

Unit 2 – BIM execution planning

  • Assessing the supply chain
  • Pre-appointment BEP
  • BIM execution planning
  • Developing SMPs

Unit 3 – Production of information

  • Producing with purpose
  • Model-based schedules
  • Spatial co-ordination
  • Sharing information

Unit 4 – Exchanging information

  • Information exchange
  • Accepting information
  • Delivering open data
  • Delivering COBie
  • Delivering spatial co-ordination

The course concludes with a short online exam test that includes questions on all topics covered. This is a great way to demonstrate your new knowledge and identify further learning that you may require.

What’s included: 

  • Designed and led by industry experts
  • Flexible access – learn from your office or your home
  • Own-pace learning – pause, replay as you wish
  • CPD certificate on completion


After successful completion of this course, you’ll be able to apply for the BRE BIM Certification status.


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