BIM ISO 19650 Bundle – essentials and information management (BRE)

BIM ISO 19650 Bundle: BIM essentials and information management (online)


Building information modelling (BIM) is transforming construction, and skills are in high demand. BRE BIM ISO 19650 bundle offers the fastest and most cost-effective path towards your BIM Certification.

With one purchase you’ll receive both our BIM Essentials and BIM Information management (ISO 19650) comprehensive online training courses. Successful completion of BIM Essentials unlocks the second course. Complete both courses and you’ll have acquired all the knowledge and learning needed to then apply for the prestigious BRE Individual certification (BIM Practitioner).

Delivered in structured modules, you’ll be guided by our BIM expert tutor from introducing the key terminology right through to applying your knowledge in BIM information management functions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:
    • Explain to others the value proposition of Information Management using BIM
    • Feel confident in outlining the key elements of the ISO 19650-2 process
    • Identify the key stakeholders in the information management function
    • Recognise the open data format requirements to comply with COBie
    • Understand the production of the Employer’s information requirements (EIR)
    • Extract standard method procedures (SMPs) from the EIR
    • Define a pre and post-appointment BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
    • Recognise the considerations when producing information for construction scheduling (4D)
    • Adopt these processes within your organisation
    • Apply for BRE Individual certification (BIM Practitioner)


The BIM ISO 19650 bundle comprises two comprehensive online training courses BIM Essentials (ISO 19650) and BIM Information management (ISO 19650).


Who should attend: 

These online courses are suitable for construction and asset management professionals (including designers, constructors, project managers, asset managers, manufacturers, information managers and maintenance contractors). They’re suitable for those implementing BIM into their organisation, their own work practices, or assisting their clients or supply chains with BIM adoption. These two online training courses provide a path towards BRE Individual certification (BIM Practitioner).



We recommend you have a general awareness and familiarity with BIM. If you’re looking for a concise overview of BIM or are entirely new to BIM, try our BIM Awareness online training course first.

This purchase comprises two online training courses. Successful completion of BIM Essentials will unlock BIM Information management.

There is no pre-reading required for this training course.


What’s included: 

  • Designed and led by industry experts
  • Flexible access – learn from your office or your home
  • Own-pace learning – pause, replay as you wish
  • CPD certificate on completion


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