Why study with CitA?

“The innovative CitA MSc in Construction Informatics gives participants the ability to work creatively within a multidisciplinary design team, while the BIM for Sustainable Construction Module in particular provides a broad insight into the challenges surrounding Sustainable Building Design and in-depth knowledge of the computer modelling techniques that are used in the design of modern sustainable buildings providing the skills and knowledge to be at the forefront of the AEC industry at a time of great change.”

Declan Alcock, Project Director,
Varming Consulting Engineers



“I transitioned from my role as an Architectural Technician to BIM Coordinator on completing first year. I put this opportunity largely down to the experience gained through the course. The course is broad enough to allow individual to go in the direction of their choice. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Laura Swaine, BIM Coordinator,
Jacobs Engineering

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“The CitA Masters in Construction Informatics is training industry professionals to deal with the new challenges facing Ireland’s AEC industry with regards to technology and managing digital information. At BAM we have recruited a number of these course participants as their knowledge and experience is invaluable to meeting the demands of delivering BIM projects to our clients.”

Paul Brennan, VDC Manager,
BAM Group Ireland

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