Work Package 3: In-depth Analysis

Description of Package

This work package is a very concentrated period of two (2) months when all data collated up to that point is analysed and reported to the Contracting Authority.

Scope (Provided by Contracting Authority)

Analysis should be applied to research findings arising from Work Package 1 and Work Package 2 of the BICP including exploratory data analysis, deriving of main findings recommendations for industry and public sector.

Work Package Objectives
  1. Analyse a base of knowledge in respect to BIM adoption in international regions with particular focus on the enablers to support national implementation programmes.
  2. Analyse a base of knowledge in respect to the use of BIM on Irish BIM projects and BIM adoption in Ireland generally, with a particular focus on identifying enablers for a successful national implementation programmes.
  3. Analyse a base of knowledge in respect to the extent of response by 3rd Level Institutes, and private training bodies, delivering BIM education and training programmes in the Irish market presently and determine if these offerings are improving the overall skill set of the Irish AEC sector in the use of BIM.
  4. Carry out an in-depth analysis of the value proposition for the increased adoption of BIM on public AEC projects, with a particular focus on linking BIM to the wider strategic public policy direction of the Irish AEC Sector.
Research Methods

Reflective and exploratory analysis


CITA propose to breakdown this work package into four separate components.

Phase WP3A – National BIM Programmes

Phase WP3B – Industry Consultation

Phase WP3C – HEI Consultation

Phase WP3D – Public Sector Consultation

Proposed Reporting Mechanism and Structure for WP3

An important component of the reporting will be the independent review of the project performance by FAC as earlier described. The structure of this report will contain the following headings and have a maximum page length of 30 pages excluding appendices.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Work Package Phase
  4. Scope of Research
  5. Research Approach
  6. Realisation of Project Objectives
  7. Data Reduction
  8. Data Display
  9. BICP Matrix
  10. Verification of Data Display (Future Analytics)
  11. Conclusions and Recommendations
  12. Appendices

The reference to Data Reduction above refers to the skill by the researcher to “reduce and focus” on themes or threads of data that can be more easily analysed.

It is acknowledged that all report meetings with the contacting authority will be accommodated in Enterprise Ireland’s premises, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3.


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