Course Aims
To learn functions in MS Excel at an intermediate level which will improve efficiency and productivity in the work place.

Who should attend
Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Course Objectives
Participants Study:
Worksheets a further look
Further Formatting Techniques
Further Formulas and Functions
Database and List Management
Creating Charts
Drawing and Picture Objects
Ms Excel and other Microsoft Applications

Course Description
Worksheets, A Further Look
Customising the View Option
Hiding/Unhiding Workbooks & Worksheets
Freezing & Unfreezing panes
Grouping and ungrouping worksheets

Further Formatting Techniques
Using Styles
Conditional Formatting
The Format Painter
Printing Gridlines

Further Formulas and Functions
Using the Series Command
Using the Insert Function Wizard
Using the Excel Function Categories
Correcting Formulas
The Formula Auditing Toolbar
The Watch Window

Database and List Management
What is a database?
Excel database terminology
Creating, Editing and Navigating a Database
Sorting an Excel Database
Advanced Filters
Using Filtered Data
Creating Subtotals
Using Data Forms

Creating Charts
The Chart Wizard
Selecting Chart Type
Specifying the Data Source
Customising the Chart
Working with Charts
Changing the Chart Type
Adding and Removing Data
Moving, Re-sizing and Deleting Charts
Formatting Charts

Drawing and Picture Objects
Working with Autoshapes
Creating Text Boxes
Adding Pictures
Layering Objects
Grouping and Ungrouping Objects

Ms Excel and other Ms Applications
Converting Files
Embedding and Linking Objects
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Free to unemployed persons who meet CITA Skillnet criteria

CITA Skillnet Manager: Suzanne Purcell - Phone: (01) 470 4440 - email:

Basic knowledge of MS Excel is recommended. Basic PC skills are an advantage.

Duration - 1 Day