Waterford BIM Event
April 22, 2015
September 3, 2015
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Date(s) - 12/11/2015 - 13/11/2015
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Please find the proceedings from  CITA BIM Gathering 2015 in the table below

CITA BIM Gathering 2015 Proceedings – Part 1 conference Proceedings page 1 – 94
CITA BIM Gathering 2015 Proceedings – Part 2 conference Proceedings page 95- 181
CITA BIM Gathering 2015 Proceedings – Part 3 conference Proceedings page 182- 278

Please find a list of presentations from the CITA BIM Gathering 2015 in the table below

Keynote Thursday Morning Dr. Claire Penny

Presentation: Is there a place for BIM in the operational stage

Paper: Claire Penny

 Kimon Onuma  Abstract: Kimon Onuma
Thursday  Morning Breakout Avril Behan

Presentation: Cultural Change through BIM

Paper: Behan et al

Gervase Cunningham

Presentation: BIM Implementation Developments for the AEC Sector

Paper: Cunningham et al

Rich DePalma Presentation: BIMsim Simulated BIM Project Collaboration Training John Eynon

Presentation: BIM, Digital Life and UK BIM Level 2

Paper: John Eynon

David Goldberg Presentation: Virtualizing the Collaborative Studio Piotr Nabzdyk

Presentation: BIM As The Future Standard In Elaboration Of Building Designs

Paper: Piotr Nabzdyk

Enda Nolan Presentation: Nolan – Viewing Models Rob Moore

Presentation: Adopting of PAS 1192-2 by Irish AEC companies

Paper: Moore et al_Paper 1

Benedict Wallbank Presentation: The Employer – A problem for Level 2 Adoption  Robin Stubbs  Paper: stubbs et al
Keynote Thursday Afternoon Prof Arto Kiviniemi

Presentation: BIM in Education

Abstract: Arto Kiviniemi

 Leon Van Berlo  Abstract: Léon van Berlo
Thursday Afternoon Breakout Martin Bone Presentation: How AVEVA can help you satisfy BIM Enzo Labrosciano Presentation: Setting the Standards – Code or Conscience
Stephen Fai Presentation: Fai – BIM for Architectural Conservation Prof David Jellings

Presentation: The Importance Of Quality Assured Data

Paper: David Jellings

Susan Keenliside

Presentation: Comparative Analysis of Existing BIM Guides

Paper: Beange and Keenliside

Dr. Mark Kelly

Presentation: A Collaborative Academia-Industry Approach

Paper: Kelly et al

Dr. Sharon McClements

Presentation: Can BIM Enhance Trust

Paper: McClements et al

Dr. Mary Moloney

Presentation: Systems of Systems and BIM

Paper: Moloney et al

Ralph Montague

Presentation: Montague – Managing BIM as an Asset for Building Owners

Paper: Montague et al

Dr. Shawn O’Keeffe

Presentation: OpenBIM Framework for a Collaborative

Paper: O’Keeffe and Bergin

Eóin O’Shea

Presentation: Collaborative & MultiDiscipline Working

Paper: Comiskey et al_Paper 1

Brendan O Riordan  Presentation: Utilising COBie in FM
 Ciaran McManus Paper: Ciarán Mc Manus  Michael Minehane  Paper: Minehane et al
 Keynote Friday Morning  Dr Bill East

Presentation: Implementing COBie

Abstract: Bill East


Presentation: The Value of 3D Laser Scanning

Abstract: Frédéric Bosché

  Dr. Ilka May

 Presentation: The German Road Map Ilka May

Paper: Ilka May

 Friday Morning Breakout  David Comiskey

Presentation: Applying Lean Principles to Higher Education

Paper: Comiskey et al_Paper 2

 John Foster Presentation: An Integrated BIM process for Layout and Validation
 Rob Kane

Presentation: Collaborative PWC using BIM

Paper: Kane et al

 Mark King Presentation: Capture reality on the move
Barry McAuley

Presentation: Ensuring that the Needs of the End User

Paper: McAuley et al_Paper 1

Dr Maurice Murphy

Presentation: Scan to BIM Experiences 2


Andrew Norrie Presentation: OpenBIM Real World IFC Richard O Farrell Presentation: Virtual Reality in the design of MEP Services
Dr Shawn O Keefe

Presentation: O’Keeffe & Boshe – The Need for Convergence of BIM and 3D Imaging

Paper: O’Keeffe and Bosche

Rob Moore

Presentation: The application of industry standards

Paper: Moore et al_Paper 2

Jason Underwood

Presentation: Implementing BIM to streamline a Design,

Paper: Machado et al

Yang Zou

Presentation: BIM and Knowledge based Risk Management System

Paper: Zou et al

Keynote Friday Afternoon Ger Casey Presentation: Grangegorman update John Hunt Presentation: Transition to digital
 Sean O’Dwyer Presentation: BIM Case Study -New Children’s Hospital
Friday Afternoon Breakout Hani Afendi‐


Paper:Hani Afendi

David Goldberg

Presentation: Providing Collaborative Education

Paper: Comiskey et al_Paper 3

Louis Gunnigan Presentation: Grangegorman – the emerging BIM journey Dermot Kehily

Presentation: Design Science

Paper: Kehily and Underwood

Malachy Matthews

Presentation: Defining Job Titles and Career Paths in BIM

Paper: Malachy Mathews

Barry McAuley

Presentation: Developing KPIs to measure BIM

Paper: McAuley et al_Paper 2

 Peter McDonnell

Presentation: Adopting BIM Presentation

Paper: Mcdonnell and West

Ted McKenna

Presentation: Potential for BIM integration into the management of Ireland’s existing primary rods

Paper: McKenna et al

 Gary Nixon

Presentation: Nixon – Using BIM to Close the

Paper: Nixon and Graham

Brendan O Riordan Presentation: Utilising COBie in FM
Sergio Pinheiro

Presentation: Development of a MVD

Paper: Pinheiro et al

Paddy Ryan Presentation: Eastern BIM Region
 Paul Smith

Presentation:  The Use of Technology to enhance and facilitate Information Mobility

Paper: Paul Smith


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