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CITA 2012 R&D Workshops

FOR THE FREE Innovation Dublin Collaborate to Innovate Event
TUESDAY 23rd October 2012
Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council, Dublin 8
08.00am - 10.30am


CALL SUZANNE ON 01-470 4440 / 086- 047 4869

he Construction IT Alliance will host
4 FREE Research & Development (R&D) Workshops
The Offices of Enterprise Ireland, Eastpoint Bus. Park, D 3
07.30am - 10.30am


So, whether you are a SME company wanting to investigate a new concept or indeed a large company wishing to collaborate and engage on a major research project, CITA and Enterprise Ireland can assist you in finding the right funding that best suits your company's requirements, with the ultimate goal of transforming from a ‘company' to a ‘R&D active company'!


The dates for these FREE workshops are:
Wednesday 21st March
The event will provide a general introduction to the theme of R&D and will emphasise the importance of R&D activity to Irish Construction companies. It is also the first opportunity for CITA members to fully engage in the idea of initiating some form of R&D within their business. This event will see the launch of the R&D Information Booklet which is the first in the R&D booklet series. The information booklet is titled "Funded R&D for Construction Businesses in Ireland”. The event will also showcase the initial results of the CITA R&D Survey 2011 through the use of a visual presentation.

Sean Burke - Enterprise Ireland:
National Delegate and National Contact Point of Research for the Benefit of SMEs, 7th Framework Programme
Thursday 21st June
Thursday 20th September
The objective of these events is to inform members of the funding opportunities available and to encourage CITA members to make tender bids and win tender contracts.
These events will address topics such as: how to get started, funding eligibility criteria, how and where to apply for funding, sourcing your first tender opportunity, making your first tender bid, and securing and winning a tender.

Useful information such as contact points, websites, and contact details of relevant organisations will also be made available to CITA members.

These events will showcase the various R&D funding opportunities available to CITA members such as Enterprise Ireland's funding, and opportunities within Europe such as funding under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and EUREKA.

Thursday 29th November
The final R&D event in 2012 will inform CITA members of the methods of sourcing and securing strong consortium partners for tender proposals. This is an important element of winning tender contracts. This event will highlight the importance of the collaboration of CITA member companies for tender bids and using their combined contacts to secure strong partners from Ireland and further afield.

To Register for any of these events please email or contact Suzanne on 01-470 4440/086-047 4869

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